Chilebiotech, a sectorial brand for Chilean biotechnology, is an initiative that was born with the objective of promoting the national biotechnology industry in the world, first in the United States and the Latin America, showing Chile as a place to invest in research and development.

Chilebiotech is a joint work between the Chilean Government, by its External Relations Secretaryship, with ProChile, and with the Sectorial Brand Subdirection of the Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Biotecnología (Asembio), and organizations that represents professionals and companies that participate in research, development, production and commercialization of biotechnological products and services.

We look to give continuity to the Chilean biotechnological industry in the United States and Latin America, giving their associates a light in the international context, promoting the national image around the world with the goal of promoting competitiveness and entrepreneurship of national companies, all of this through its brand ChileBiotech.

The aim of this sectorial brand is:

  • To position Chilebiotech in the United States and Latin America markets.
  • To facilitate contact generation between represented companies and those around the world, thanks to the strategic alliance with BayBio, Asebio and Amcham.
  • To promote every biotechnology cluster that has developed in Chile.

In Chile, the biotechnology sector is an emerging and global one, having the capabilities of promoting in a horizontal way most of the national industries, as well as the creation of new companies with high growth potential.

The focus of the brand is to generate encounters and negotiations among companies and with those of the United States (mostly because their industrial leadership in entrepreneurship, investment and development), but also looking for networking with Latin America’s companies thanks to the Pacific Alliance of which Chile is a member.

Because of this Chilebiotech participates in different activities, events and fairs that allow it to position the brand in the market, establishing strategic alliances and networks with national and international companies, working alongside BayBio, Asebio and Amcham.