Chile has an exquisite biodiversity that allows generating a great search potential for unique active ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical and health industry.

Due to the high exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, plants and vegetation have developed particular characteristics. That is why so much research is done today with active ingredients in the development of food, studying the functional features and vegetal genomics platforms applied to the food industry (wine, fruit).

Emblematic Examples

This company is working on an innovation project involving research, development, marketing and international distribution of innovative and scientifically advanced premium nutricosmetics systems. The characteristic and rigorous biotechnological processes for the development of different product lines will be significant in the global cosmetics and trade industry, projecting it as a great innovation and biotechnology business.

In January 2010, Nestlé opened a new global R&D center in Santiago, Chile that will lead the research and development of cereal-based snacks and biscuits worldwide, and also will focus on innovation and product renewal.
The new center, called R&D Santiago, will bring together experts from various fields, such as nutrition, product development and quality control. These organizations will implement new technologies that will help further reduce levels of sugar and fat so that biscuits are lighter, without losing taste and consistency.
R&D Santiago develops biscuits with bioactive ingredients to improve digestive health, as well as fortified products to meet micronutrient deficiencies in countries where it is required, adapting to local tastes and needs.