Chile has made a strong effort to become a benchmark of biotech research and development in Latin America, strengthening its image internationally as a good testing ground in several areas.


Chile has the potential to become a leader in biomedicine in Latin America. According to the 25th Annual Report on Life Sciences of Burrill & Co. (2011), our country is in the top 25 countries for clinical trials for infectious diseases and central nervous system disorders. In 2009 there were 425 studies under development, more [...]

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Chile has great potential to lead the development of biorenewables in certain biomasses. Our country has unique geographical and climatic characteristics as well as human resource expertise and infrastructure associated with cellulose, micro and macro algae. Chile is the fourth largest exporter of chemical pulp from wood, with an average market share exceeding 10%. In [...]

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Chile has an exquisite biodiversity that allows generating a great search potential for unique active ingredients for the food, pharmaceutical and health industry. Due to the high exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation, plants and vegetation have developed particular characteristics. That is why so much research is done today with active ingredients in the development of [...]

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Support and Incentives

In Chile, there are several institutions linked to the government where companies and projects can obtain financing. The main one is CORFO, which has a network of credit and subsidies intermediaries in charge of promoting and managing much of their support lines. Related information can be found at (information only in Spanish): CORFO also [...]

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Venture capital funds

In Chile, the venture capital industry is in an emerging stage, but has gradually grown stronger. Today, there are a number of players who are specializing in certain industries, including biotechnology, mainly related to life sciences. The focus of these funds is to support the development and internationalization of local companies to the world as [...]

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