Biotecnor Ltda.

Avelino Contardo 1304

Mail Box
Casilla 54, Correo Universidad Católica del Norte

Postal Code/City
1270709, Antofagasta

Legal Representative
Williams Saavedra Alcayaga

Williams Saavedra Alcayaga

+56 55-2355486

[email protected]

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Number of Colaborators

Founding Date

Services Offered
· Characterization and evaluation of bacterial populations, bio-leaching tests, development of biotechnological processes, hydro-metallurgical services and other services.

Private and public Project collaboration
· Innova 13IDL1-25455 “Technological package for industrial wastewater treatment with electrodialysis using microorganisms as an energy source”.
· Fondef D04i1169 “Development of a control and monitoring system of genetic expression for optimization of the bio-leaching process of sulphured copper ore”.
· Conicyt IPI 23 “Development on a preliminary laboratory scale, biotechnological processes and tools to be transferred to both the domestic and international mining industries, selected from an array of needs which have been detected”.
· Conicyt IPC 51 “Incorporation to Biotecnot Ltd. of competencies in the proteomic area to be used in developments related to geo-microbiology and bio-mining”.

“Biotecnor works in biotechnology advancing its reach in developing a synergy between both the academic and industrial worlds”.