Fundación Biociencia: pioneering research of extremophiles in Latin America

Every day more and more businesses around the world are turning to the advances in the field of biotechnology to improve their industrial processes, and Chilean researchers are taking note.

One clear example is the work of the Fundación Científica y Cultural Biociencia (Scientific and Cultural Bioscience Foundation), which is dedicated to basic and applied research into extremophile microorganisms, the biomolecules derived from them, and their applications to industrial, R+D and pharmaceutical operations. Biociencia seeks to create new, competitive products and generate a greater understanding of these materials and their biotechnological applications.

Today, Biociencia has developed and purified several biocompounds in the laboratory with outstanding properties, like the anti-oxidant enzymes superoxide dismutases (SOD) and catalase (CAT). Both enzymes possess a high catalytic activity when compared to enzymes that currently exist on the market and inhibit various processes of oxidation, cellular aging, and lipid peroxidation, among others. These biomolecules can be applied to various industries, from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to food and textiles as well as the research market.

To enhance their research, the Fundación Biociencia collaborates with companies that need to draw upon new biocompounds for the development of their products. Biociencia, for example, recently established a commercialization agreement with Swissaustral Biotech SA, a Swiss biotechnology company that sells services and products developed from Biociencia’s research and development.