Guide Chilean Biotechnology

In Chile the research in biotechnology has been fortified by focusing on the main productive industrial sectors in the country, such as aquaculture, mining, agriculture and forestry. Nevertheless, and thanks to the search of new development alternatives, the conduced applied research have provided with a diversification on the types of companies that have arisen. Today this sector comprises an ample array of subsectors such as biomining, biomedicine, biorenewables, agriculture, aquaculture, enviroment, food and bioprocess, among others, all of them which are mainly composed by small and medium companies.

The biotechnology industry in Chile is an emerging sector that have research, development and innovation capabilities of high standard, and with highly trained staff as well that can work transversally among the productive sectors, its versatility making possible to generate new innovations and companies with high growth potential that could lead to patents, products, processes or services.

Thanks to the effort and compromise of each member, the leadership and entrepreneurship spirit of those who lead biotechnology enterprises association, with the support of government entities and new R&D policies in Chile, the sector has been able to carry out the hard task of developing an own brand that allows to identify Chilean biotechnology, bioproducts and services with innovative characteristics and high commercial impact on the market.

We would like to invite you to meet Chilean biotechnology, the people who’s behind each enterprise, its daily tasks, its differentiation grade, its achievements, and grow expectations.

Patricio Araneda H

Guide Chilean Biotechnology

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